Aeon Wave: A Fate Core Cyberpunk Scenario

By Michael E. Shea

Aeon Wave cover by Kurt Koomoda

Aeon Wave PDF $2.99

Character Sheets (370k PDF)

GM Handouts (10mb PDF)

It's the year 2073. Discovery of an ancient Martian radio signal known as the Aeon Wave has led to the development of advanced technology called Aeontech. The shift of technological power toppled governments and gave rise to the megacorps who currently wage a silent war over the remaining priceless secrets held within the Aeon Wave. Fueled by the greed of the megacorps, the ecological and economic deterioration of the planet points to the extinction of the human race in 200 years. In the city of New Tianjin, hidden in the shadows of the megacorps, freelancers battle for power, wealth, anarchy, or to save humanity from the fate portended by the Aeon Wave.

Aeon Wave is a cyberpunk themed scenario for Fate Core. It will be released as a fully-linked with a full-color cover and artwork by Kurt Komoda, editing by Amanda Valentine, and graphic design by Erik Nowak.

To get an idea of the product, take a look at the Aeon Wave PDF Preview.

Aeon Wave's unique story is based on the themes of great cyberpunk and science fiction stories such as Blade Runner, Neuromancer, Snow Crash, AI, and Altered Carbon. Aeon Wave is designed to be run as a single session adventure or short campaign with little to no preparation ahead of time. The scenario includes all the tools the GM and players need to play the game including the scenario summary, locations, non-playing characters, a player's guide, player handouts, and pregenerated player characters. The scenario also includes enough information to develop new PCs and expand the scenario out into a short multi-session campaign.

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